Pete Townshend: Can't Explain?

Pete Townshend a pedophile? In a word, no. How do I know? I don't. But I really want to believe that he isn't. He did make a stupid mistake by logging on to one of those websites, no doubt about that. But, if you have followed Pete's career, you've known him to be one of the artists that is very giving of himself in regard to the concern of others. He's proven that. As a solo act or with The Who he has donated tons of $$$.

A pedophile? Please, Pete no! As Roger Daltrey has stated he and Pete discussed the disgusting way children are used for the viewing of people who watch/enjoy/react or whatever to these kinds of websites. And that was about two years ago.

A short story for ya. I got Pete slightly pissed off one time. When I worked at another radio station in San Francisco I mentioned that another artist, who had a current record at the time (early 90's) actually used the same chord sequence from "Getting In Tune" for one of his groups songs. (okay, you're wondering, 'who was it Grappone?' It was World Party, but more on that later...)

When I told him he said "is that Karl Wallinger you're talking about?" (that's a yes, Pete) "That bastard, he asked me if he could do that and I said no." He was a bit hot under the collar so I opted not to go deeper into that story! (listen to "Getting In Tune" by The Who and then "Sunshine" by World Party from their Bang CD and you'll hear it yourself).

But getting to the real point here: myself and all others present felt a warmth and sincerity of a man we all admired and would never imagine him doing such a thing. I did mention to Pete that when I saw him at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York (Queens) I remembered it was pouring rain. He said "yeah someone also got stabbed outside the concert" You could still see the hurt on his face. (I mentioned the same thing to Roger Daltrey a few months prior to Pete's visit and he also remembered the knife incident.

When I first read about this kid porno story and that it was Pete Townshend I quite honestly was telling myself "no, not him it doesn't make sense." And yes, he could still be what authorities think he is. But I'm sticking to my vision of a great man. Pete I'm with ya.


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